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How to Spot a High Class Escort Agency


High Class Escort Agency


In recent times, the number of companies offering escorts for many occasions has risen rapidly.  And with any industry that sees rapid growth, some are high class escort agencies while others may be a little below the standard.  So, if you are looking to hire the services of a VIP escort, how do you know which company to choose?

Check their website

Today, the website is the hub of many business operations, regardless of industry and that means companies put a lot into having a quality, easy to use website.  This applies to escort agencies just the same as any other type of business so your first impression from their website should be a positive one.  If the website looks classy, then the company has invested time and money into it and there’s a much greater chance that their service will follow suit.  Key points to look for include good navigation, clear information about fees and different booking options.

Profiles of the escorts

Photos are nice but what you want is to get a feeling for the escort and if they are a good match for you.  Therefore, profiles including information about them as well as images of them is an important thing to look for on the website.  Don’t be put off if their pictures are a little obscured and you can’t easily recognise the person – some companies do this to protect their staff’s identity.

Watch for a minimum booking time

One red flag should be if the company doesn’t have a minimum booking time for their escorts.  Most high class escort agencies start at a minimum of two hours and can be booked for much longer periods if required.  If there’s no minimum booking time, be a little cautious about the quality of the escort you will be seeing.

Don’t worry if it is a side job

Another thing not to be concerned about is if the escort lists that this is a side job, a part time occupation or something that they do for fun rather than as a ‘serious’ full time job.  Many escorts enjoy meeting new people, doing different things and having new experiences but also require a full time job to support themselves.  This isn’t a sign of a poor escort and can actually lead to the best experiences because these people enjoy what they are doing rather than feeling forced into it by life situations.